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A syrupy, fruit-driven espresso blend designed to showcase fun, candy-like coffees.


Sweetshop is another seasonal espresso blend by our friends at Square Mile but this one is a little different.

Sure, you will see new components frequently switching in-and-out as they become available - changing the profile ever so slightly - but you can always trust this blend to be a celebration of big, syrupy, fruit-bomb coffees.

And this edition of Sweetshop is ALL ETHIOPIAN!

Ethiopian coffees are fruity, floral and super vibrant. This Sweetshop showcases two lots from the same Washing Station in Sidama - Refisa.

50% of this blend is a washed process coffee. This means the cherry is picked, depulped and thoroughly washed before the drying stage. Washed coffees are clean, and refined in their flavor and this washed Refisa adds notes of earl grey tea and lemon blossom.

The other 50% is a naturally processed lot. Naturally processed coffees involved less intervention before drying. Generally the cherry is picked, sorted and then left out to dry in its whole-cherry form. This results in deeper fermentation and often elevated texture. It's this component of Sweetshop that is adding all of the ripe berry notes and giving it a creamy body.

Together this is an unapologetic expression of Ethiopian coffee and if you brew espresso at home and you're tired of the same boring shots it might be time to pick up a bag of the good stuff. 

Lot Name  → Refisa
Producers  → Various Smallholders
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  West Arsi, Ethiopia
1,900 - 2,070 masl
Varieties   Welisho, Kurume

Lot Name  → Refisa Abadir
Producers  → Various Smallholders

In This Blend  →  50%
Location  → West Arsi, Ethiopia
1,940 masl
Varieties   Welisho, Kurume, 74110, 74112