Our Mission

Black Fox Coffee is a specialty coffee company born out of a single desire, a better café experience. Founders Daniel Murphy and Gary Hardwick, dissatisfied with their daily coffee options, set out to create full-service cafes, espresso bars and a roastery that honors the Black Fox Coffee mission: to make remarkably good coffee experiences accessible to all.

One of the few multi-roasters in New York City, we source and curate a global coffee offering from the world’s leading roasters and honor it with our craft. We rely on this wide network of industry relationships to guide our purchasing practices and ensure they are aligned with the evolving values and needs of the producers, whom we continue to learn and adapt.

Black Fox endeavors to attract the best coffee minds in the world and promises to continue sharing our passion of coffee and hospitality with each and every cup.

Our best in class coffee is served via the Kees Van Der Westen who makes some of the worlds best espresso machines. These help produce the best espresso and coffee in both NYC and the USA. The espresso machines pull the perfect latte or Cappuccino
our mission is to make specialty coffee accessible to all. We strive to produce the best coffee not only in NYC but in North America. Our award winning coffee is consistently voted the best in NYC and we love to provide sustainably sourced coffee to all
Our hands on approach to making coffee using the best equipment and product and roasted coffee beans continues to drive our team of baristas to serve the best coffee and product to our customer base. We work with sustainable producers and support

The Black Fox Experience

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