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Another organic lot from Tolima with brown sugar sweetness, delicate acidity and clean stone fruit.


Located in the same region as the 'Planadas' lot, we have this blend of Castillo and Caturra varieties grown across three farms, each owned by the Enciso family in Tolima, Colombia.

What we love about this coffee is how the variety and terroir are shown so clearly in the cup profile. Castillo varieties are often bright and zippy with some subtle earthy notes, while Caturra are known for their concentrated sweetness. This farm blend has great complexity, loads of brown sugar and delicate undertones of stone fruit.

This is a coffee that always has more to give. Grind it fine and extract it high to get all of those wonderful black tea and praline notes we see all the time in coffees from Tolima.

Producer  → Edith Enciso and Wilson Rodriguez
Farms  → Lusitania, La Isla and Villa Sofia

Location   Tolima, Colombia
Varieties Castillo and Caturra
Altitude  → 
1,700 masl