Takesi Geisha

Takesi Geisha

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Bolivian Geisha!! Delicate, refined and sweet like honey with notes of lychee, jasmine and bergamot.


The most limited coffee we offer here at Black Fox. 10 bags only.

Grown high up in the Bolivian Andes, at almost 2.5km above sea level, we have this incredibly clean and floral expression of the geisha variety.

Low oxygen and cool temperatures slow down the ripening process of the coffee cherry. This allows for more time to develop complex sugars within the fruit and is one of the main reasons why high altitude coffees are so prized.

The Iturralde family have produced a geisha with delicate tropical notes like lychee and a lingering honey sweetness typical of Bolivian coffees. Coffee Collective describe this coffee as having "a wave of fleeting aromas" and we couldn't agree more. You'll want to get your nose right into the cup to take in all of that intoxicating jasmine and bergamot.

Producer  →  The Iturralde Family
Farm  →  Takesi
Location   Yanacachi, Bolivia
Variety → Geisha
1,700 - 2,300 masl