Red Brick

Red Brick

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The Square Mile house blend full of rich, chocolatey notes and enough vibrant fruit to keep it balanced.


Here to take you from winter to spring, this familiar blend of our Sul de Minas cluster’s creamy texture and the berry pop of Tolima’s ‘Meridiano’ highlights the work of the origin-based cuppers who help compose our blends.

The buttery base of our Sul de Minas cluster and jammy notes from Tolima’s Meridiano are a match made in heaven. These companions define that Red Brick season which takes us from winter’s cosy mornings to spring’s sunnier days! In 2021, our exporter Bourbon matched us with three farms in Brazil’s Sul de Minas micro-region. As expert blend-builders, Bourbon assembles the lots delivered by the cluster into possible versions of our Red Brick component.

‘Meridiano’ also represents the joint effort of farmers and cuppers. Exporter Caravela (particularly Director of Quality Alexis Villamil Peñaloza) annually composes our unique mix from lots bought at their buying station Herrera, Tolima. Watch our shop for a more focused filter from a handful of these Meridiano farmers, as well as La Pradera from Jose Hernan Quintero, who perfected his craft while working with Caravela in Tolima.

Sul de Minas is the biggest region for Arabica coffees in Brazil. 30% of Brazil’s total Arabica production comes from Sul de Minas. 



The Red Brick blend is a Square Mile staple - a real crowd pleaser.

We usually steer our customers towards this if they're looking for something a little more classic, maybe with lower acidity and that nice rich texture you get from an espresso roast.

Like most blends this one changes seasonally so the components won't always be the same but you can be confident that it will hit very similar tasting notes every time.

This particular iteration includes the El Pato; a micro-regional blend from small-scale farmers in the Tabaconas area of Cajamarca, Peru. This component bring tons of texture to this blend and carries notes of citrus and almond.

Accompanying the El Pato is another micro-regional blend from Huila, Colombia named Magdalena - a reference to the Magdalena river that runs through this area. Here we see the addition of caramel and toffee notes with a solid boost of red fruit and mouthwatering acidity.

We love drinking Red Brick when the weather cools down and you will too.

Lot Name/Mill  → Sul de Minas
In This Blend  →  63%
Location  →  Minas Gerais, Brazil
Altitude  950 - 1,140masl

Lot Name  → El Meridiano
In This Blend  →  37%
Location  →  Tolima, Colombia
Altitude → 1,500 - 1,900 masl
Variety → Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Process  Washed