Red Brick

Red Brick

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The Square Mile house blend full of rich, chocolatey notes and enough vibrant fruit to keep it balanced.


The Red Brick blend is a Square Mile staple - a real crowd pleaser.

We usually steer our customers towards this if they're looking for something a little more classic, maybe with lower acidity and that nice rich texture you get from an espresso roast.

Like most blends this one changes seasonally so the components won't always be the same but you can be confident that it will hit very similar tasting notes every time.

This particular iteration includes a Colombian lot named La Serrania which is a washed community blend out of Huila. This region is known for clean caramel-like sweetness and crisp fruit qualities. On its own we would expect a profile that is soft and smooth - a wonderful base for Red Brick. 

The other 50% of Red Brick is from Guatemala. Brought to us by a producer named Carlos Gomez and grown on his farm El Palmarito, we have an element full of milk chocolate and delicate red apple. 

We expect this rendition of Red Brick to be the perfect coffee for cold weather.

Lot Name  → La Serrania
Producers → 10 Smallholders
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  Huila, Colombia
Altitude   1,500 - 1,750 masl
Varieties   Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Lot Name  → El Palmarito
Producers  → Carlos Gomez
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  El Progreso, Guatemala
Altitude → 1,300 - 1,450 masl
Variety → Bourbon, Pache San Ramon
Process  Washed