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A syrupy, fruit-driven espresso blend designed to showcase fun, candy-like coffees.


Sweetshop is another seasonal espresso blend by our friends at Square Mile but this one is a little different.

Sure, you will see new components frequently switching in-and-out as they become available - changing the profile ever so slightly - but you can always trust this blend to be a celebration of big, syrupy, fruit-bomb coffees.

And this edition of Sweetshop includes a coffee from Tanzania!

Tanzanian coffees are juicy and full of red fruit notes. 50% of Sweetshop comes from the Itumpi Farmer's Co-operative in southern Tanzania. It brings notes of pineapple, lemongrass and forest berries.

The other half of sweetshop is a Bourbon picking from Clever Acosta (check out the other lot we have from this incredible producer).

Clever Acosta was an early adopter of the “drying house,” now common in northern Peru. These covered structures allow coffee to dry more consistently, relying on airflow more than sun to evaporate moisture. This becomes critical for natural-process coffees: leaving the fruit on means more water, and drying can take two to three times as long. 

Clever's lot offers boozy fruit and intense sweetness to the blend giving us a big, bright and fruit-forward cup.

Lot Name  → Clever Acosta
Producer → Clever Acosta
In This Blend  → 50%
Location  →  Cajamarca, Peru
1,800 masl
Varieties  Bourbon
Process   Natural

Lot Name  → Itumpi
Producer(s) → Members of the Itumpi Co-operative
In This Blend  → 50%
Location  → Songwe, Tanzania
1,500 - 1,700 masl
Varieties  Bourbon