Tony Medina

Tony Medina

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The perfect Guatemalan for the cold weather. Tasting of chocolate and cookie crumbs.


We purchased this coffee earlier in 2023 and it has been great to see how the cup profile has changed over the course of about 3-4 months. These days it is really settling into that cookie crumb and hot cocoa vibe that we love about well processed Guatemalans.

Antonio Medina has grown this coffee on his farm, La Colina (translated to “The Hill”). The farm gets its name from the elevations of the land, and the hill on which it is located. Antonio (or "Tony" as he is fondly referred to) inherited the plot from his dad, who gave the farm its name and broke it into smaller plots to distribute among all of his children.

Initially, Tony planted only basic grains like corn and beans but in 1991, after years of working on other coffee farms to gain experience, the first coffee tree was planted. Slowly but steady, Tony increased the number of trees and the production. Now years later he primarily grows Caturra and Bourbon varieties (as is the norm in Guatemala). He wants to plant other varieties to improve his quality even more. Another plan of his is to work with African raised beds to improve drying and overall quality.

This coffee first jumped out at us for its smooth texture and stone fruit notes but it was clear there was a lot of warming spices and brown sugar waiting to be developed in the roast. Now, after some time roasting Tony's coffee, we are happy to say it is all dark chocolate, brown sugar, baking spices and soft apple-like acidity. Perfect for the cold weather.

Producer → Antonio 'Tony' Medina
Farm → La Colina
Location → San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Altitude 1,700 masl
Varieties → Bourbon & Caturra
Process →