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A syrupy, fruit-driven espresso blend designed to showcase fun, candy-like coffees.


Sweetshop is another seasonal espresso blend by our friends at Square Mile but this one is a little different.

Sure, you will see new components frequently switching in-and-out as they become available - changing the profile ever so slightly - but you can always trust this blend to be a celebration of big, syrupy, fruit-bomb coffees.

And this edition of Sweetshop has a Kenyan in it!

Kenyan coffees (particularly later in summer) tend to be big in flavor with mouthwatering acidity. The Kiungu is from the Embu region to the east of the more well known Nyeri region and it makes up a third of this blend. This lot is typical in that it shows ripe blackcurrant but you can expect some zippy, citric acidity and wonderful florals. 

A community blend, La Perla is one of two concept coffees that Square Mile sourced through the Norcafe Cooperative. A group of 10 producers, La Perla, forms part of Norcafe's Café Mujer project that works specifically with women to improve their earnings based on cup quality through training and optimised farming practices. Big on texture and complexity, La Perla brings all the bass needed to amplify the high notes of Kiungu and bounce this Kenya, Peru blend to the top of the Sweetshop pops!

Lot Name  → Kiungu
Producers  → Thambana Cooperative Society
In This Blend  →  1/3
Location  →  Embu, Kenya
1,600 - 1,900 masl
Varieties   SL28, SL34

Lot Name  → La Perla
Producers  → 10 Smallholder Producers

In This Blend  →  2/3
Location  → Amazonas, Peru
1,800 - 1,950 masl
Varieties   Bourbon, Catuaí