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A syrupy, fruit-driven espresso blend designed to showcase fun, candy-like coffees.


Sweetshop is another seasonal espresso blend by our friends at Square Mile but this one is a little different.

Sure, you will see new components frequently switching in-and-out as they become available - changing the profile ever so slightly - but you can always trust this blend to be a celebration of big, syrupy, fruit-bomb coffees.

And this edition of Sweetshop is made up of two Honey-processed coffees!

First is a community lot from Western Ethiopian which is famous for its sweet, floral and complex coffees. We can expect the Genji Challa component to add a bunch of soft floral notes and a viscous, creamy texture.

The component from San Andrés provides balance. Here we get the tropical fruit and caramel coming through thanks to some impeccable processing by producing duo José Alfredo Recinos and Roxana Noemí Gutierrez. This farm is named after their son, Andrés.

Honey processed coffees are always the best. They showcase acidity without the sharp bite and full sweetness without that boozy finish you can sometimes get from a natural.

Lot Name  → Genji Challa
Washing Station  → Telila
In This Blend  → 50%
Location  →  Gera, Jimma, Ethiopia
2,000 masl
Varieties  → JARC 74110, JARC 74112
Process   Honey

Lot Name  → San Andrés
Producer(s) → José Alfredo Recinos and Roxana Noemí Gutierrez
In This Blend  → 50%
Location  → Santa Ana, El Salvador
1,980 - 2,200 masl
Varieties   Native Landraces