São José

São José

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A comforting and smooth textured Catuaí with notes of chocolate and almond.


We love Brazilian coffee. While the modern coffee world continues to move towards funky, co-fermented processing of expensive varieties with wildly fruity profiles, we gradually begin to appreciate the soft, approachable coffees of Brazil more and more.

Maria Martins and her husband Paulo Izidro own and operate Sitio São José: a 10 hectare farm tucked away in Região Vulcânica, Brazil. The coffee on this farm dates back to 1952 when Maria's grandparents planted their first crop.

Enriched volcanic soil and São José's unrivaled focus on improving micro biodiversity has provided us with a Red Catuaí that is balanced, sweet and textural.

Naturally processed Brazilian coffees are often quite different to naturals from other parts of the world. Where others will show a boost in fruitiness thanks to the fermentation, many Brazilian naturals are all about the body and mouthfeel.

The profile of this coffee is pure comfort with a creamy texture, a lingering chocolatey finish and subtle nuttiness that will keep you coming back for more.

Producer  →  Maria Martins & Paulo Izidro
Farm  →  Sitio São José
Location  → Região Vulcânica, Brazil
1,200 masl
Varieties   Red Catuai