Maria Martins

Maria Martins

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A uniquely bright Brazilian natural with notes of nectarine, dark chocolate and red berries.


On this 70 year old farm, rich with volcanic soil, Maria and her husband Paulo grow a wide range of coffee varieties. We purchased two of them from Sitio São José this year: their Red Catuai and this Aranas lot.

With the Red Catuaí tasting more traditional we named it after the farm; São José. This Arañas picking was much smaller and gave a particularly unique profile so we named it after Maria.

Like much of Brazil's coffee, this is a naturally processed lot. It is left to dry inside the cherry giving the coffee more texture and a longer finish. Naturally processed Brazilian coffees are often quite different to naturals from other parts of the world. Where others will show a boost in fruitiness thanks to the fermentation, many Brazilian naturals are all about the body and mouthfeel.

We do taste some fruit content here however - particularly bright nectarine and some boozy red berries. The finish is similar to the Red Catuaí with lingering cocoa but much like a high quality dark chocolate there is some fruitiness present as the coffee cools.

Producer  →  Maria Martins & Paulo Izidro
Farm  →  Sitio São José
Location  → Regiao Vulcanica, Brazil
1,200 masl
Varieties   Arañas