All Night Decaf

All Night Decaf

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You can now enjoy Black Fox all day and all night with our famous Huila decaf.


Decaf gets such a bad wrap.

In the past it was common for producers to take their lowest scoring coffees and throw them into a container destined to become decaf. These days, thanks to the hard work of importers and caffeination plants around the world, things are a different.

This particular coffee is a kind of "greatest hits" of the Huila region in Colombia. We work with the wonderful people at Equation Coffee to get our hands on this regional select decaf.

The coffee is decaffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate (EA) process - AKA the natural sugarcane process. As the name suggests, this process involves the use of Ethyl Acetate, a byproduct of fermenting sugarcane, to draw out the caffeine from the coffee.

Due to the additional processing, the structure of the bean is slightly compromised which allows the oils to easily push their way to the surface of the bean once it's roasted. This means the coffee may appear a little oily on the surface but you can be sure we have kept this roast light and clean. 

When the coffee is ground you will receive a big whiff of clementine and brown sugar cookie. In the cup we're experiencing that same clementine and brown sugar with a long malty finish and some bright, citric acidity.

Trust us when we say you're in for a good time here.

Producers  →  Local Smallholder Farmers
Location  →  Huila, Colombia
Varieties   Mixed Varieties
Washed (EA Process)