Victor Hugo Quiroga

Victor Hugo Quiroga

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A delicious expression of the Tolima region. Soft, balanced and as smooth as they get.


This holiday season we welcome a very small lot from the town of La Armenia in Planadas, Colombia.

La Armenia has especially steep hillsides so coffee is planted at a steep angle, creating difficult farming and harvesting conditions. Coffees grow at an altitude of 1,300 masl and as high as 2,180 masl, hosting a range of different varietals and farm processes.

Victor Hugo Quiroga farms mostly Caturra on his 12 hectares of land. 4 hectares are currently dedicated to coffee production - the other 8 hectares produce avocados, provide pastures for a few cows, and are left to forest conservancy.

This year his farm was in "zoca" - meaning he heavily pruned back his coffee trees. Heavy pruning is a common practice used to keep a crop healthy and it was likely the reason we received such a small harvest of his Red Caturra this year. 

Victor's farm is pretty healthy - good soils, well-pruned, and appropriately timed fertilizations and natural pest management. He lives alone on his farm and mostly works there, though he spends a few days a week working as a laborer on others’ farms as well to earn additional money.

Coffees from the Tolima region remind us of praline with their subtle nuttiness and lingering caramelized sugar notes. To us, this lot tastes like nougat, brown sugar and pecans. Every now and then you may pick up on a whisper of something floral like orange blossom which we're loving.

We purchased around 300lbs of this coffee. Once roasted we're looking at closer to 260lbs. That may seem like a lot to some but it really isn't so expect this to disappear fast.

Producer  →  Victor Hugo Quiroga
Location  →  Planadas, Tolima, Colombia
2,025 masl
Varieties   Red Caturra