Victor Barrera

Victor Barrera

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Plum, panela sugar, buttery, nutty, a little herbal and delicious.


We're big varietal nerds here at Black Fox so when we get our hands on something new from Luna that showcases a well produced Tabi, we can't wait to share it.

Tabi was developed by the Colombia Coffee Federation and it stems back to the Timor hybrid, Typica, and Bourbon varieties. Due to the Timor Hybrid's Robusta roots, Tabi is known for being resistant to disease and yields a lot of fruit.

From the team at Luna: "Victor Barrera has been going all-in with this variety - As high-yielding as it is delicious - with 4,500 Tabi trees planted on 3.5 hectares, not far from Huila’s southern border in Palestina. According to Victor, the coffee pickers in the municipality prefer to pick Tabi due to its significantly longer branches making it easier to select the ripest fruit."

Victor's Tabi is super delicate with notes of stone fruit and panela sugar. Expect a buttery texture, a nutty backbone and herbal complexity.

Producer  → Victor Barrera
Farm  → El Tesoro
Location  → Palestina, Huila, Colombia
Varieties   Tabi