Takesi Catuai

Takesi Catuai

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More Takesi goodness!! Delicate and sweet with notes of lychee, apricot and honey.


Coffee Collective have followed up that mind-blowing Takesi Geisha with another lot from the Iturralde family! This 200g bag is 100% Catuai; a hybrid of the Mundo Novo and Red Caturra varieties.

Catuai are fairly common in South America (in particular Brazil where it was first developed) and in the cup it will usually show some very delicate botanical notes and a clean, lingering sweetness.

Grown high up in the Bolivian Andes, at almost 2.5km above sea level, there is very low oxygen and cool temperatures. These conditions slow down the ripening process of the coffee cherry and allow time for further development of complex sugars within the fruit.

This lot may not be a geisha but it will absolutely give you some of those familiar florals and lingering honeyed sweetness common in high altitude Bolivian coffee.

Much like the geisha lot, this one is limited. We'll do our best to keep these stocked up but treat each availability like it's the last because they certainly don't last long!

Producer  →  The Iturralde Family
Farm  →  Takesi
Location   Yanacachi, Bolivia
Variety → Catuai
1,700 - 2,600 masl