Sitio Da Lalá

Sitio Da Lalá

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Soft and balanced with notes of intense dried fruit and a buttery mouthfeel.


Brazil is a great origin. If you like nutty coffees with body and texture then Brazil is a good place to start. These coffees also give us a bit of a reprieve from the intensity of East African profiles and the farms here are often incredibly meticulous. 

Sitio Da Lalá is owned by single mother of three, Josimar Augusto Sodré (known by friends and family as Lalá). She is extremely passionate about coffee and has lived on this farm for 25 years.

This lot is produced by Lalá and her middle daughter Luana. It's a pulped natural Red Catuai variety. This means the flesh of the cherry has been depulped but a little was left behind and dried intact. What you find with pulped natural coffees is that they show subtle dried fruit notes and often elevated texture.

Sitio Da Lalá is an incredibly balanced coffee with great sweetness and a buttery, almost silky mouthfeel.

Producer  →  Lalá & Luana Sodré
Farm  →  Sitio Da Lalá
Location   Caparaó, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Varieties Red Catuai
Altitude  → 
1,000 masl
Pulped Natural