Santa Alina

Santa Alina

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The last Brazilian lot of the season with notes of milk chocolate and nougat..


We love Brazilian coffee. While the modern coffee world continues to move towards funky, co-fermented processing of expensive varieties with wildly fruity profiles, we gradually begin to appreciate the soft, approachable coffees of Brazil more and more.

Santa Alina has been in the same family for over a hundred years and recently Lucia Maria da Silva Dias (known by friends as "Tuca") took over the farm from her father. Managed by Tuca and the family's business partner, Rodrigo Fernandes, Fazenda Santa Alina has not only taken huge steps towards increasing the quality of their micro-lots but has developed better quality on-site housing for their resident employees and seasonal workers.

Most of the picking is done by hand due to the steepness of the hills which is uncommon for much of the coffee we see exported from Brazil. 

True to its varietal characteristics this Yellow Bourbon offers clear, lingering sweetness with delicate pear-like acidity. We taste soft milk chocolate and nougat.

As fresh cherry begins to ripen again in Brazil, this coffee is one of the last we'll see from the 2023 season. Enjoy it while you can.

Producer → Lucia Maria da Silva Dias
Farm  Fazenda Santa Alina
Location  São Sebastian de Grama, Brazil
Altitude → 
950 - 1,450 masl
Varieties → Yellow Bourbon