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A beautifully delicate and tea-like Rwandan with notes of apricot, butterscotch and black tea.


Ruli is a washing station located in Gakenke in the northern province of Rwanda. It takes in coffee from just over 800 smallholder farmers who are all members of the Dukunde Kawa co-operative.

Dukunde Kawa own the Ruli washing station and it's their first and biggest. They also own two others; Mbilima and Nkara. Some of the cleanest, and highest quality coffee from the northern province of Rwanda come from these 3 washing stations so you can expect to see more of their coffees at Black Fox in the future.

This is such a clean expression of Rwandan coffee that hits all of the classic tasting notes we would generally expect to see in high quality Gakenke lots and it's roasted light enough to boost those black tea notes. 

We're getting a lot of sweet black tea with a lingering finish of apricot and raisin. 

Producer  →  Various Smallholders
Washing Station  →  Ruli
Location   Gakenke, Northern Province, Rwanda
Varieties Red Bourbon
1,960 masl