Riviera Geisha

Riviera Geisha

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A naturally processed Geisha fermented in a local river! Very boozy and fruity.


We've been selecting some special coffees to sell on the website lately and Bolivian geishas are always a treat.

The Rodriguez family are pioneers of the Bolivian specialty coffee scene. With coffee production declining over the last 15 years, The Rodriguez family decided to acquire several small farms located in the great mountains of the Andes. Some of these farms have been utilized as training grounds for other local producers to come and learn better farming practices, lifting the quality of coffee being produced in these areas.

This geisha variety was grown at Finca Las Alasitas in Caranavi, Bolivia where it was fermented in the river.

The cherries were picked at night and then packed in ecotac bags, closed with no air and left to ferment underwater for 4 days. The water of the river is cold and continuously moves so it creates movement for the cherries and the fermentation is quite controlled due to stable water temperature and continuous motion.

Once the coffee is removed it is dried in the coco dryers at the Caranavi wet mill. These driers dry the coffee quickly and evenly, locking in the complex flavors developed during the fermentation process.

The result is quite boozy and fruity - not your usual delicate geisha profile! It reminds us of jammy raspberries, cherry syrup and cantaloupe. This one is for people that love fermented coffees with a boozy touch but in a very refined way.

Producer → Los Rodriguez Family
Farm → Finca Las Alasitas
Location  Caranavi, Bolivia
Varieties Geisha
Altitude  → 
 1,650 masl
River Experiment Natural