Red Clay Espresso

Red Clay Espresso

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Koppi's milk blend. Creamy, chocolatey, nutty and sweet. Perfect for milk.


Every roastery generally has a blend or a consistent coffee that sits on their menu year round as the foundation of their offerings. Koppi offers two blends; the Silent Shout and the Red Clay espresso.

Red Clay is blend that is meant for milk drinkers. They sub fresh coffees in and out but always with the same goal in mind: it's got to taste good with milk.

This iteration of Red Clay showcases how good South and Central American coffees are tasting right now. Half of this blend is a honey processed Caturra from the Monge brothers (see the La Lia Geisha for more info on them) which is adding some acidity, yellow fruit and caramel.

Filling out the other half of the blend, contributing to the body, texture and chocolatey sweetness is a naturally processed Red Catuai from Fazenda Dois Irmãos in Brazil. This coffee is nutty and creamy.

All together we get a rich mouth feel, notes of chocolate, nougat and some soft acidity.

Lot Name  → Pie San
In This Blend  →  50%
Location →  Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Altitude  1,900-2,000 masl
Varieties   Caturra

Lot Name → Fazenda Dois Irmãos
In This Blend →  50%
Location  →  Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil
Altitude → 1,300 masl
Variety → Red Catuai
Process  Natural