Nelson Cordoba

Nelson Cordoba

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A truly balanced Caturra/Tabi lot that tastes of apple juice, red fruit and caramel.


The Los Guácharos association have given us another delicious coffee here with a variety selection from Nelson Cordoba of Finca Vegas del Chuscal.

Named after the bird species indigenous to Central and South America, Los Guácharos is a self-organized and forcefully determined group of coffee producers all farming outside of Bruselas, Colombia.

The group is focused on improving their coffee quality while preserving their surrounding environment and reducing the impact of their farm’s ecological footprint by collectively converting to organic agriculture. They make their own fertilizers and fungicides, many members have started the conversion to fully ecological and regenerative production, close to biodynamics and they are installing complex water filtration systems that use gravity, stones, and sand to remove all mucilage residues from wastewater to not contaminate water systems.

Often, members of Los Guácharos will sell their coffee as small blended lots under the name of the group - we recently had a Pink Bourbon on the menu that was taken from 3 of these producers. In addition, members will offer some of their lots separated.

Nelson is a careful, judicious producer who is committed to farming in ways that reduce his dependency on chemical inputs and improve his farm’s health.

He was recently gifted an eco-pulper and a stainless steel tank from a government organization, and he’s been able to incorporate them into his processes. He experimented with some Anaerobic fermentation with this lot and blended the resulting coffee back through the rest of the harvest. It only makes up about 2% of what you'll be drinking but it's a fun thing to think about while you're enjoying the unique sweetness this coffee presents.

This coffee has the crunchy acidity of farmer's market apple juice and finishes like a soft caramel candy. If you're lucky enough to brew a cup with a few stray Anaerobic beans (remember they won't make up much of this bag) then you may notice a boost of red-fruit and a little herbaceous note while it's hot.

Producer → Nelson Fabio Cordoba
Farm →  Vegas del Chuscal
Location →  Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
1,800 masl
Varieties  Caturra & Tabi