Monte Copey La Mesa

Monte Copey La Mesa

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A Yellow Honey processed Typica variety. A little nutty but with loads of cranberry in the cup.


Monte Copey is a farm owned and operated by the Navarro family. Now a fourth generation business, Koppi have been purchasing their coffee for the last 12 years.

The steepest part of Monte Copey is named 'La Mesa' (The Table) where the Navarro family are said to grow their highest quality coffees.

Some words from the team at Koppi:

"Their coffees are always fantastic and that says so much about how great they are. Producing constant high quality year after year is not easy and for us as a roaster it’s one of the most crucial things. To trust that the coffee will turn up and taste as it did when we sampled it, that it will have a long shelf life and stay vibrant until we run out of it is very important. Monte Copey never fails us and that is just one of many many reasons why we love them and love working with them."

Typica often shows herbal, earthy or floral notes depending on where/how it was grown. A Yellow Honey process will be the closest to a washed coffee on the processing spectrum. As a result of the high altitude, light processing and unique variety (Monte Copey was the first farm in the Dota Valley to plant this variety) you can expect crisp acidity and bright berry notes - Koppi says you'll taste Cranberry and we agree.

Producer → Enrique Navarro Porras and Family
Farm → La Mesa
Location  Dota Valley, Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Varieties Typica
1,900-2,00 masl
Yellow Honey