Los Rodriguez

Los Rodriguez

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A "Coco-Natural" processed Caturra giving us big poached pear, orange and strawberry vibes.


The Rodriguez family own seven small coffee fields in the Bolivian highlands and they grow a range of varieties. They process these coffees on their nearby wet mill, Buena Vista. 

If you read these coffee descriptions a lot you would know by now that we love Caturra. It's a variety with a unique, developed sweetness that you just don't find anywhere else and the Rodriguez family have processed this Caturra in a unique way that pushes that sweetness and complexity to a whole new level.

This is "Coco Natural" processed coffee. After picking, the cherry is spread out on raised beds and covered with a UV-filter to slow down the drying process. After a few days, they are moved into a large tank called a Coco Dryer where they are left to reach a dark, cocoa brown color when drying is complete.

In a sense, this leans towards a sort of dry-fermentation. We find that coffees fermented in this way show a lot of dark chocolate and orange notes which we are definitely seeing here. On top of these notes expect a lot of honey (classic Bolivia!!), poached pear and strawberry.

If you're into natural processed coffees and want to try something a bit different, stop scrolling and add one of these to your cart!

Producer  →  The Rodriguez Family
Location   Caranavi, Bolivia
Variety → Caturra
1,650 masl
Coco Natural