La Higuera

La Higuera

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One of the final Peruvian coffees we expect to see. Organic, sweet and smooth.


Potentially one of the last Peruvians we will see from this harvest.

This coffee is what we refer to as a community lot. It is named after the small village which it is produced in, and the small number of producers in the village that contribute their coffee cherries to be processed together. All of the coffee that went into this lot was grown organically and showcases how sweet these Bourbon and Caturra varieties can be in this part of the world.

South American coffee often shows caramelized sugar sweetness and from Peru specifically that is commonly displayed as a strong cocoa or chocolatey finish.

La Higuera is a great example of this, a clean, round and sweet profile with a delicate, elegant acidity. In the cup, the Prolog team is experiencing flavors of brown sugar, plum, and black tea.

Producer → Multiple small farm holders
Farm → La Higuera
Location  Colossay, Peru
Varieties Bourbon and Caturra
Altitude → 
1,800-2000 masl