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Citrus, rhubarb and raspberry. The very best of Kirinyaga!


Fresh Kenyans are finally trickling in and Coffee Collective have treated us to a fresh, summery release that we're dubbing the sibling to the Kieni.

Kiangoi is a washing station (called 'coffee factories' in Kenya) located in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya. It's owned and operated by the Rungeto Cooperative who are responsible for two other washing stations we are all too familiar with; Kii and Karimikui.

To us, coffees from Kirinyaga show a very "pretty" cup profile compared to other areas in Kenya. Think pink florals and delicate raspberry acidity.

This coffee is crisp, fresh and intensely sweet. It's packed full of rhubarb and citrus fruits with the wonderfully enticing floral notes.

Washing Station → Kiangoi
Cooperative → 
Location   Kirinyaga, Kenya
Varieties → SL28, SL34, Batian
1,600 - 1,800 masl