Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi

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2021 Guatemala is looking good with our first arrival of the season! Full of crisp fruit and brown sugar.


This is officially the first 2021 crop Guatemalan on our web store so it's safe to say we're feeling good about it.

The Golden Kiwi comes from the Pérez family in Acantenango. It's an Ancafé 14 variety (a natural hybrid of Catimor and Pacamara) grown on their farm, El Llano.

Guatemalans give us lots of crisp apple notes but the additional texture of this coffee is where the "golden kiwi" name comes from. Think juicy, fresh fruit and clean sweetness. Laura and Nate have suggested anchoring vanilla vibes - we agree.

What a great way to enter the new Guatemalan season.

Producer → Henio, Mercedes, Raúl, & José Pérez
Farm → El Llano
Altitude → 1,500 - 1,700 masl
Location → Chiquimula, Acatenango, Guatemala
Varieties  Anacafé 14