Genji Challa

Genji Challa

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Summery and floral with notes of lemon balm, apricot and panela.


This is our first drop from the latest Ethiopian harvest!

Since the pandemic hit we have seen a lot of freight delays surrounding East African imports but they've arrived just in time for the heat to kick in! Spring/Summer is the best time to enjoy the floral and bright lots of Ethiopia. We work closely with Osito when sourcing Ethiopian coffees and we have a great line of communication with their team in the Jimma region so we'll be dropping a few more that have been sourced through Osito over the Summer.

Genji Challa is the name of the small kebele (village) where these producers live and grow their coffee. They each delivery their day lots to the Telila washing station where it is processed and graded. This is a Grade 1 lot and is sitting comfortably in the 87-88 point range if you are interested in SCA scores.

This is a washed process coffee so it has been hand sorted and washed clean before the drying stage. Washed processed coffees are our favorite because we find they are generally the most clear expression of variety and terroir.

We also love coffees from Jimma. They seem to retain all of the wonderfully floral qualities that you can expect from Ethiopian coffee with some obvious restraint in the tart, citrus-like acidity which is appreciated. Instead, they produce more of a soft or rounded citric acid like tangerine or orange.

You can expect the texture of this coffee to be similar to a black tea. It's definitely an aromatic coffee so you should pick up on distinctive citrus oil florals. With low ppm water you might taste some pastry or nuttiness, with harder water it should linger more like raw cane sugar.

Kebele → Genji Challa
Washing Station → Telila
Location →  Limu, Jimma, Ethiopia
2,150 masl
Varieties  Native Landraces