Epic Espresso

Epic Espresso

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High intensity and full of sweetness. Notes of dried stone fruit, dark berries and anise.


The "Epic Espresso" is a fan favorite amongst Black Fox regulars. We always stock a little extra of this one because it flies out the door.

Epic isn't always the same coffee but it's usually African and often from Ethiopia. 49th Parallel call this one a light espresso roast because it preserves the acidity of the coffee and doesn't show heavy many signs of "roastiness".

This lot comes from members of the Hunda Oli cooperative based just outside of Agaro, in the state of Oromia. Located in the Jimma Zone we can expect to see a few things in the cup that separate it from more well-known areas like Yirgachefe and Sidama.

Jimma gives us a lot of deep purple fruit and less of those zippy citrus notes we see elsewhere. In the cup it'll be rich and sweet. You'll find dried stone fruit, dark berries with hints of lemon balm and anise.

Workers Union  → Kata Mudaga
Cooperative  →  Hunda Oli
Location   Oromia, Jimma Zone, Ethiopia
Varieties Native Landraces
1,970 - 2,200 masl