El Obraje Geisha

El Obraje Geisha

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An outstanding geisha crop from Nariño. Expect notes of melon, white grape and jasmine tea


You deserve a treat - we all do. So here's a special little bag of beans that shows off how great the Geisha variety is without breaking the bank too much.

It's grown in Tangua which is nestled in the hills of Nariño, Colombia. A region that produces very sweet, very juicy coffees and they've just gone through their harvest season so this one is fresh and vibrant.

Pablo Guerrero owns Haceinda El Obraje but it's been in his family for many years producing wheat and other grains. In 2000, Pablo became the first person to bring coffee to this remote area and began by growing more traditional varieties. Since then he has pushed into the specialty coffee market and specializes in a whole range of different varieties. His approach to clean environments and even, mechanical drying is likely a huge contributor to the refined qualities of his coffee.

Geishas are always super special. They're usually packed full of aromatic florals and a clean, tropical fruitiness that you won't find anywhere else. This one is no different. We get a lot of rock melon and fuji apple paired with a refined, malic acidity and some juicy, white grape undertones. Worth it.

Producer  → Pablo Guerrero
Farm  →  Hacienda El Obraje
Location   Tangua, Nariño, Colombia
Varieties Geisha
2,200 masl