Daterra Processing Pack

Daterra Processing Pack

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A special chance to taste two approaches to processing coffee.


You know it's special if Coffee Collective put it in a pink bag!

Here we have two lots from Daterra Farm in Brazil, processed in different ways and packaged together for you to compare at home.

Coffee Collective have been working with the owner of Daterra, Luis N. Pascoal, for over 10 years. In 2014, he offered them the opportunity to cooperatively run a piece of land on his farm. Each year since then, Coffee Collective have released a special set of coffees under the name "Daterra Our Plot".

This year we've been blessed with two Anaerobic fermentations from 'Our Plot'; one dried whole-cherry (Natural Process) and the other de-pulped (Pulped-Natural).

As a special 2-pack release, we are shown the beauty of removing oxygen during the fermentation stage. Anaerobic Fermentation often produces incredibly crisp and lively acidity with intense, stewy tropical fruits and great complexity. The Naturally processed lot will highlight texture and sweetness whilst the Pulped-Natural is a great example of balance. 

Black Fox is one of the last places you can grab this coffee before it's gone so whip it up while you still can - Supplies Limited!

Producer  → Luis N. Pascoal
Farm  →  Daterra
Location   Cerrado, Brazil
Varieties Red & Yellow Bourbon
1,150 masl
Anaerobic Natural & Anaerobic Pulped-Natural