Daterra Mundo

Daterra Mundo

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A naturally low-caffeine variety providing a super sweet cup with notes of dark berries.


Luis Pascoal sells a lot of his coffee from Daterra through an Auction - not all of it but the coffees that fall under his "Masterpiece Collection".

Coffee Collective have a long, 10-15yr relationship with Luis and buy much of his coffee directly. This includes the "Our Plot" releases, which are from a small part of land that Luis allocated to Coffee Collective, allowing them to trial new varieties and processing methods.

As an act of good faith, Coffee Collective purchased this Anaerobic Naturally processed Aramosa variety through the Daterra auction, providing Luis with a market competitive price for this lot. Some Coffee Collective accounts (like us) were offered just a handful of bags to sell at their stores. We managed to negotiate 4 for online sales.

Daterra Farm is highly focused on the research and development of new coffee varieties, mostly as a response to the impact that climate change is having on the coffee industry. The Aramosa variety is hybrid of two species of coffee; the Arabica and the lesser known Racemosa. Due to the Racemosa species naturally producing lower amounts of caffeine this is a low-caffeine coffee resulting in less bitterness.

In the cup you'll find a super sweet base of honey and fruity apricot with sparkling acidity and deeper berry notes.

Producer  → Luis N. Pascoal
Farm  →  Daterra
Location   Cerrado, Brazil
Varieties Aramosa
1,150 masl
Anaerobic Natural