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A comforting cup with notes of stone fruit, chocolate and hazelnut.


A household name here at Black Fox, Daterra is a farm that produces warm and comforting coffees with all the notes we love about South American lots.

Outside of the delicious cup profiles, Daterra is constantly pushing the Brazilian coffee industry forward by focusing heavily on environmental and economic sustainability. This vision has seen them become the first rainforest certified farm in Brazil protecting 3500 hectares of forest, carbon negative and becoming the first B-corp coffee farm in the world.

Luis Pascoal and his family operate an organic farm on site and use the produce they grow to provide meals for their workers. They work with reusable pouches for their coffee and regular filtered water taps that help to reduce plastic consumption. 

This is a naturally processed coffee as is common in Brazil. You may discover a little of that funky fruit common in naturals but really this coffee is about the texture. Look for soft acidity, creamy stone fruit and lingering hazelnut.

Producer  → Luis Pascoal
Farm  →  Daterra
Location   Cerrado, Brazil
Varieties → Mixed
1,120 masl