Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo

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Coconut madness in a cup. Big notes of toasted coconut and tropical fruit.


DAK coffees are not for the faint-hearted. You need to know when you're buying one of their coffees, somewhere between opening the bag and taking your first sip, you are going to say "Whoa!". All this to say their coffees often have more non-traditional flavors than subtle undertones. To some this could be considered a gateway drug to more nuanced lots but arguably if you're into this kind of thing you probably want to be hit in the face with flavor.

So here we have a coffee that tastes like toasted coconut and it's weird but at the same time kind of wonderful.

The producer, Rodrigo Sanchez, is known for messing with fermentation in all kinds of ways. You'll see his coffees marked as Passionfruit or Kumquat washed. This particular lot is a "Tropical Nectar" washed Caturra and Bourbon variety. 

Rodrigo approaches these fruity fermentations in a very controlled and intentional way. First, he begins with a 190 hour fermentation of a mother culture which is fed a mixture of tropical nectar and a molasses-like sweetener. The fruit ingredients contribute flavor while the sweetener increases the sugar content of the culture and fuels the fermentation process. The coffee cherries are density-floated and pulped before being placed in a 200-liter sealed tank, where they co-ferment with the mother culture for 180 hours.

Drying happens quickly in direct sunlight (2-3 days) and then shaded for an additional 15-18 days, or until 10-11% humidity is achieved.

The aroma is big on this coffee. You will get undeniable coconut and funky tropical fruit notes. Acidity is on the juicy side and the finish is long.

Producer → Rodrigo Sanchez
Farm → Finca Monteblanco
Location   Colombia
Varieties Caturra & Bourbon 
Altitude  → 
 1,730 masl
Tropical Nectar Washed