Clever Acosta

Clever Acosta

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A floral and fruity field blend of the Wush Wush and Geisha varieties.


This is a very special field blend from Peruvian producer, Clever Acosta.

A result of a happy accident, in a field where Clever thought only Wush Wush was being planted, came a mixed field of Geisha plants. This is a picking of that crop and thus a blend of two outstanding coffee varieties.

A word from Square Mile:

"This lot came to life through a web of global coffee friendships. Since 2017, our friends from Finca Churupampa (who work together with Rufasto Group) teamed up with Red Beetle Coffee Lab (responsible for our coffees from Oaxaca) to introduce producer Clever Acosta’s coffee to roasteries worldwide. A farmer friend of Red Beetle's Thomas' in Colombia offered him seeds of the Wush-Wush variety, which Clever planted on his farm in Chirinos, Peru. The Colombian friend wasn’t home when Thomas arrived at his farm, so his parents picked the seeds instead. Clever planted a field, and as the plants took shape, they discovered roughly half of the seeds were Geisha variety! This happy accident, processed as a natural, celebrates geeky coffee connections.

Our first visit was to coffee farmer, Clever Acosta. He had a unique situation on his farm. He was conducting various coffee experiments with natural and honey processes but also had a mini cupping lab decked out with a sample roaster, a grinder, and all the supplies to conduct cuppings. Not something one usually sees at a small farm of no more than 4 hectares. Having this type of setup really gives Clever the ability to hone in his coffees.  We toured the farm and cupped 4 different coffees from Clever. All were outstanding. Easily 88/100 point coffees. We thanked him for his hospitality and continued on to visit other farmers."

The cup is peachy, floral and sweet. It's a naturally processed lot so it comes with all of the texture and funky fruitiness we tend to see with these but the geisha adds a lovely delicate jasmine note. 

Producer → Clever Acosta
Lot Name → Finca Churupampa
Location  →  Chirinos, Cajamarca, Peru
1,820 masl
Varieties  → Wush-Wush & Geisha
Process  Natural