Bogalech Dukkallee

Bogalech Dukkallee

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A sweet and fruit-forward coffee that tastes of blueberry and pineapple candy.


She's back again!

This is a single producer lot from the famous Guji region in the South of Ethiopia, an area where we expect to find coffees that are packed full of florals and fruitiness. Bogalech Dukkallee is a farmer from the Sukke Qutto Kebele. She grows her coffee under indigenous shade trees at very high elevations of 2000-2100 masl. You can thank Sookoo coffee from making this single-producer separation possible.

Sookoo coffee is a family-owned company based in Odo Shakiso that produces and exports coffee from local coffee growers - Ture Waji owns and manages Sookoo. Historically delivered lots are named after the kebele (village) that the coffee is grown near but occasionally we see those that are separated by producer.

Here's what Osito (our importing partner) have to say about this:

"Since most small landholders in Ethiopia do not have the infrastructure to process their own cherry, it takes forward thinking and the initiative of people like Ture to make sure that at least a few of the names and faces of farmers are not obscured by the trade names of community blends."

We call natural Ethiopian coffees the "gateway drug" of the coffee world because they often taste like straight blueberry juice. Even the most inexperienced coffee drinkers will pick up on the big, ripe fruit notes and obvious candied sweetness.

Bogalech's coffee reminds us of very delicate pineapple candy. In the cup you will find some great texture, a slightly fuller body and will be left with lingering notes of high quality dark chocolate and tropical fruit.

Producer → Bogalech Dukkallee
Village → Sukke Quotto
Location → Odo Shakiso, Guji, Ethiopia
2,000 - 2,100 masl
Variety JARC 74112