Biftu Gudina

Biftu Gudina

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Floral and tea-like with notes of pear, orange and lemon balm.


Biftu in the local Oromo language means "morning sun" and Gudina roughly translates to "growth" or "development" so here is a particularly pretty coffee that will make it feel like summer for just a little longer.

Biftu Gudina is a co-operative of farmers surrounding Bersoma in the Jimma region of Ethiopia. Here in Jimma is where you will find a collection of co-operatives who are all part of the Kata Muduga Farmers Union (we suggest you take a mental note to remember that name). In Ethiopia, unions are a gateway to finding quality coffee and even though Kata Muduga is relatively small and new compared to the others it is building an increasingly impressive portfolio.

Here are a few co-operatives who also fall under the Kata Muduga umbrella; Duromina (Luna's "Violet Sunshine"), Nano Challa (Luna's "Techno Peach"), Yukro (often seen by Heart Roasters & Regalia) and of course the Biftu Gudina co-op.

We love coffees from Jimma because they retain all of the wonderfully floral qualities that you can expect from Ethiopian coffee but tend to hold back a little on the tart, citrus-like acidity and produce more of a soft or rounded citric acid like tangerine or orange.

In the cup you're going to find a lot of tea-like notes backed up with sweet pear and orange juice. The florality is like lemon balm or lemon verbena (if you're not familiar with lemon verbena you should absolutely try and find some and then take a big whiff of it).

Co-operative / Washing Station  → Biftu Gudina
Farmers Union  →  Kata Muduga
Location  →  Bersoma, Jimma, Ethiopia
1,970 - 2000 masl
Varieties   JARC 74112