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A sweet and structured cup with incredible balance. Notes of nectarine, brown sugar and black tea.


This coffee comes from 3 producers who reside in the Santa Maria sub-region of Huila, Colombia. Javier Trujillo, Alvaro Perez & Carmelo Velandia each own farms that sit around 1300masl. At this altitude coffees will often show slightly less acidity and a touch more body.

Coffees from Huila are some of our favorites. The Santa Maria municipality is located in North-West Huila - close to the border of the Tolima region where coffees always taste like praline.

From Monogram:

"Despite being a washed processed coffee, the cherries from each farm have undergone in-cherry fermentation for up to 40 hours before being depulped, washed and dried. This initial period of fermentation, namely the "Reposado" method, gives this coffee a distinct nectarine-like sweetness and improved texture that delivers well in the final cup."

Producers  → Javier Trujillo, Alvaro Perez & Carmelo Velandia
Farms  → Finca El Lote, Finca Sinai & Finca Los Nogales
Location   Santa Maria, Huila, Colombia
Varieties Caturra, Castillo & Variedad Colombia
Altitude  → 
1,300 - 1,325 masl