The Holiday Blend

The Holiday Blend

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Our Holiday Blend! Expect a cup that's reminiscent of a good Christmas pudding.


Happy Holidays!

Here is an opportunity to celebrate all things warm and fuzzy with a blend that tastes like Christmas pudding.

We've selected two coffees that are unique enough to sell individually but the harmony these coffees bring when blended together couldn't be overlooked.

And here's what's in it:

'El Chicuate' is a community lot from 5 villages in Cajamarca, Peru. Chicuate was a pre-Columbian village that was swallowed by an earthquake many years ago and became a huge lake that still stands today. Along the lake's surrounding mountains, there are coffee farms that contribute to the Chicuate coffee.

The other half of this blend is an wonderfully fruit-forward Caturra grown by Francy Castillo on her farm El Uberrimo in Nariño, Colombia. This is a washed lot meaning the coffee has been washed clean before the drying stage, however it was fermented without oxygen (Anaerobic) prior to cleaning. This method usually intensifies sweetness and can create a mouthwatering acidity in the coffee.

Blended together we have a cup that will show a lingering cocoa and brown sugar base with a berry-like fruitiness. We think it tastes like Christmas and we know this coffee tastes best when shared with family.

Lot Name  → El Chicuate
Producers  → Small-scale producers from Cajamarca, Peru
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  Cajamarca, Peru
1,600 - 2,000 masl
Varieties   Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Catimor

Producer  → Francy Castillo
Farm  → El Uberrimo
In This Blend  →  50%
Location  →  El Pedregal, Nariño, Colombia
2,200 masl
Varieties   Caturra
Washed (Anaerobic)