Techno Peach

Techno Peach

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Light and floral. Notes of peach, tangerine and lemon balm.


More coffee from Ethiopia!

We love Luna's coffees but we get especially excited when the Techno Peach pops up on their offerings every year and now we get to share it with you!

Much like the Violet Sunshine (Duromina), this coffee comes from Agaro in the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia. To be more specific this is a lot from the Nano Genji co-operative, another familiar name to coffee enthusiasts as these producers grow some seriously beautiful coffee.

The forests of Agaro and Gera, along with many of the surrounding area are considered to be part of the birth place of Arabica coffee and for that reason alone it is worth drinking more of it.

In the cup we're finding delicate peach notes, lingering honeyed sweetness and that classic Jimma aroma of lemon balm.

Producer  → Members of the Nano Genji Co-operative
Washing Station  →  Nano Genji
Location   Agaro, Jimma, Ethiopia
Varieties Local Landraces
Altitude  → 
1,900 - 2,200 masl