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Not your average Rwandan. Think Kenya but with a beautiful black tea-like finish.


Last year the district of Nyabihu, where Shyira washing station is located, was devastated by flooding and landslides. Fortunately through the hard work of locals and external donations they have begun to rebuild the communities and are taking careful steps to avoid future climate-related tragedies occurring.

It's important to know this because it's by buying produce (in this case coffee) from these affected areas you're supporting the people who need it most. It's a bonus that the coffee is actually mind-blowingly delicious.

Shyira is the smallest of the Muraho Trading Company stations. It's said that the coffee from this area differs slightly to other Rwandans in that it shows juicier, Kenyan-like acidity and big red fruit sweetness.

In the cup we're getting a lot of Hibiscus and red berries with some classic black tea notes.

Producer  → Various Smallholders
Washing Station  →  Shyira
Location   Nyabihu, Northern Province, Rwanda
Varieties Red Bourbon
1,850 - 2,300 masl