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An organic lot from Tolima with caramel sweetness and botanical florals.


Here we have a blend of 7 organic lots from small-scale producers living in Planadas; a small town in southern Tolima, Colombia.

Typical of coffees from Tolima, this regional blend shows a wonderfully balanced, creamy base note with complex, berry-like acidity.

In the bag you will also find a mix of coffee varieties such as the much loved Caturra giving us that classic, lingering sweetness and some Typica which is known to show a lot of botanical florals.

This is a crowd pleaser coffee in that it's incredibly balanced and the acidity isn't overwhelming but Coffee Collective have kept this roast light and tea-like so it's perfect for filter brewing.

Producer  →  7 small farmers from Planadas
Location   Planadas, Tolima, Colombia
Varieties Caturra, Typica, Tavi, Colombia
Altitude  → 
1,530-1,800 masl