Nougat Mint Chip

Nougat Mint Chip

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Soft and smooth with lingering nougat and cacao nibs.


More delicious arrivals from Peru!

We love the Caturra variety for its jammy sweetness and ability to taste totally unique. 

Facundo Pintado Ysabel grew this coffee on his farm, Finca El Progresso. He's part of a producer cooperative in Cajamarca (Northern Peru) where he takes his coffee (by mule) to be dry-milled. Sources say he has to cross a nearby river via a wooden pulley system to reach the mill. We certainly appreciate his dedication!

Laura & Nate have called this one "Nougat Mint Chip" because it's soft and buttery, refreshingly herbal and tastes a little like cacao nibs.

Take our advice and drink as many Peruvian coffees as you can before they're gone for the season.

Producer  → Facundo Pintado Ysabel
Farm  → Finca El Progresso
Location  → Calabozo, Cajamarca, Peru
Varieties   Caturra