Melon Syrup

Melon Syrup

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A beautifully delicate cup with soft melon, sugary sweetness and whispers of jasmine.


Delicious coffee from Ecuador!

Ecuador produces a cup profile that we can’t get enough of with subtle but lingering florals, often some great creamy texture and clean, ripe fruit qualities.

Maria’s Caturra is no exception with soft, sweet melon notes and a whisper of jasmine-like florals. The sweetness lingers like all Caturras do with a candied sugar finish.

Ecuadorian coffees are sometimes a little pricier for primarily economic reasons. They use the US dollar and levy big tariffs on foreign goods. You can imagine if you’re buying in farming equipment and fertilisers from neighbouring countries, this can bump up the cost quite significantly. 

Ecuador also has strong national labor laws that institute a fair minimum wage, health care and paid time off. We love this and believe it’s a step in the right direction but it does add more to the production costs for these producers.

Regardless of the added costs, the coffee is always delicious so it’s worth every penny!

Producer  → Maria Guetio
Altitude  → 1,600 masl
Location  → Intag, Imbabura, Ecuador
Varieties   Caturra