Mario Zardo

Mario Zardo

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A smooth and super balanced Yellow Bourbon. You'll taste milk chocolate, almond and black tea.


This is our first release from the most recent harvest in Brazil. We had it sent directly to the roastery as soon as it landed in the US so this coffee will be particularly lively.

Mario's farm, Pica Pau, is located in the Eastern Brazilian region of Espírito Santo where the slopes are steep and picking is usually done by hand. This Yellow Bourbon is from the top of his farm and was intentionally separated because the cherries tasted so sweet.
The resulting coffee has those classic Bourbon variety traits of concentrated and lingering sweetness with delicate, balancing acidity.
The washed process keeps this coffee crisp and gives it great clarity of flavor.

We taste almond, black tea and lingering milk chocolate in the cup. This is our only purchase from Brazil this year and it's a great contrast to the rest of our available coffees.

Producer → Mario Zardo
Farm → Sitio Pica Pau
Location → Capixabas Mountains, Espírito Santo, Brazil
1,120 masl
Varieties → Yellow Bourbon
Process →