Los Guacharos

Los Guacharos

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100% Pink Bourbon. Raspberry jam, grilled apples and rose.


First thing's first - this is 100% Pink Bourbon.

Named after the bird species indigenous to Central and South America, Los Guacharos is a self-organized and forcefully determined group of coffee producers all farming outside of Bruselas, Huila, Colombia 

They're focused on improving their coffee quality while preserving their surrounding environment and reducing the impact of their farm’s ecological footprint by collectively converting to organic agriculture. They make their own fertilizers and fungicides, many members have started the conversion to fully ecological and regenerative production, close to biodynamics and they are installing complex water filtration systems that use gravity, stones, and sand to remove all mucilage residues from wastewater to not contaminate water systems.

A lot of their coffee is separated and sold under the producer's individual names but occasionally we see small blended lots like this one.

In the bag you'll find Pink Bourbon farmed by three producers; Viviana Realpe, Alirio Muñoz, and Ildefonso Córdoba.

The Pink Bourbon variety is a hybrid of Yellow and Red Bourbon. It was first discovered in Colombia and it's notoriously difficult to raise, as the crop must be isolated to prevent cross-pollination which would risk it returning to one of its parent varietals.

Taste-wise, Pink Bourbon has all the concentrated sweetness of its Bourbon lineage. It differs mostly in its mouth watering acidity - not too dissimilar to what we would expect to see in East African coffees. 

This one tastes like raspberry jam and grilled apples. There's also a lingering floral note like dried rose.

Producers → Viviana Realpe, Alirio Muñoz & Ildefonso Córdoba.
Group →  Los Guacharos
Location →  Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
1,750 masl
Varieties  Pink Bourbon