Layo Teraga

Layo Teraga

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The Gujis continue! Notes of dried apricot, black tea and hibiscus.


Layo Teraga is a co-operative of coffee farmers who live in northern Guji. The Guji zone is famous for its flower bomb coffees so (whaddya know) this coffee tastes like flowers.

2,300 mètres is very high. This is some of the highest grown coffee we've seen come from Ethiopia and with elevation comes complexity and often some great sweetness.

We get straight Apricot from this bag. It's super tea-like and Detour have described it as having notes of Hibiscus and Black Tea which we totally agree with. Guji is great so lap this one up before it disappears!

Co-operative  → Layo Teraga
Washing Station  →  Hawata
Location   Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia
Varieties Native Landraces
Altitude  → 
2,300 masl