La Maravilla

La Maravilla

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The parainema variety grown in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Lemongrass, cane sugar and anise.


100% Parainema variety (yum) grown in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras (also yum). Santa Barbara is up there as one of our favorite coffee growing regions of all time. Think of a juicy, organic cola. That's what we have come to expect from coffees grown here with their subtle notes of aniseed and lingering cane sugar sweetness.

Juan Evangelista owns Finca La Maravilla and grows a range of varieties but here we get a chance to enjoy his hybrid variety, Parainema. 

Parainema was cultivated to combat leaf rust and has links to the large and incredibly floral Pacamara variety. As expected, along with all of the wonderful sweetness and grounded toffee notes, we're seeing fleeting lemongrass and orange with a whisper of baking spice.

The perfect coffee to welcome in the fall and a great coffee to put in the batch brewer.

Producer  → Juan Evangelista
Farm  →  La Maravilla
Location   Santa Barbara, Honduras
Varieties Parainema
Altitude  → 
1,500 masl