Kii AA

Kii AA

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Juicy and sweet. Notes of red tea, wild berry and soft tropical fruits.


Another Jukebox Series release from Luna and one we've seen a few times before.

Kii is a factory/washing station owned by the Rungeto Cooperative and located in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya. As we've come to expect with most Kenyan coffees this one has undergone a lengthy soak in fresh water and a careful dry on raised African beds. 

We love Kenya for it's sweet, juicy profiles but we do see some variances from region-to-region. For us, coffee from Kirinyaga is full of red tea and rhubarb. We tend to pick up less of the intense blackcurrant notes from further south and more rhubarb and delicate florals.

Get stuck into Kenyans while you can. They're so unique and easily some of our favorite coffees to serve.

Producer  → Farmers surround the Kii Factory
Washing Station  →  Kii
Location   Kirinyaga, Kenya
Varieties SL28, Batian, Ruiru 11, SL34 (AA screen size)
Altitude  → 
1,310 - 1,900 masl