Heza PB

Heza PB

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Sparkling acidity with vibrant blackberry and lingering notes of brown sugar, black tea and honey.


It's back!

A crowd favorite from 2021 and an exciting Peaberry lot from the team at Long Miles Project in Burundi.

Kyle at Osito has become a wonderful resource for us not only because we get friendly, direct updates from origin but he’s also linked us up with the famous Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP) in Burundi - a huge part of the recent expansion of high quality Burundi lots and the spread of awareness surrounding them.

Heza Washing Station is the second washing station by LMCP and it receives ripe coffee cherry from local producers in the Gitwe, Nkonge and Mutana hills surrounding Heza.

Burundi and Rwanda are definitely some of the more meticulous coffee origins in terms of sorting and separating underripe/defective cherry so when you see a screen sized coffee such as an AA, AB or PB from either of these countries, you know it’s going to be super clean.

PB stands for Peaberry.

Once considered a defect, these coffees are now prized for their crisp acidity and impressive complexity. The peaberry is a natural mutation of the coffee cherry where, rather than two seeds developing, a single seed is formed causing it to curve around on itself in the shape of a pea. 

This coffee tastes like dried berries, brown sugar and black tea. It has a sparkling acidity with vibrant blackberry notes. The sweetness is concentrated like you would see in raisins and honey and if you let it cool the acidity begins to sit back and the brown sugar stays with you long after its brewed.

Savor this coffee and help us spread the good word of high quality Burundian coffee.

Producer  → Farmers from the Gitwe, Nkonge and Mutana hills
Washing Station  →  Heza
Location  →  Kayanza Province, Burundi
1,960 masl
Varieties   Bourbon PB