Esmeralda Geisha

Esmeralda Geisha

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THE Geisha! In the cup you'll find orange blossom, bergamot and mandarin.


This is it everyone. This is the coffee that made Panamanian Geishas so famous (and so expensive).

The Peterson family have been growing coffee for a long time in Panama and Coffee Collective have been working with them for 13 years now. Geisha (or Gesha) is a unique variety that made its way over to Panama from Gesha Village in Ethiopia. It's known to grow particularly well at high altitudes and shows undeniable tea-like characteristics, often being compared to Jasmine tea. These days, this variety catches a very high price and does the grunt of the work in coffee competitions.

When we talk about high scoring coffees we're usually not talking about wild, fruity profiles that don't taste like coffee. Instead you'll find that most high end lots show undeniable clarity of flavor. By that we mean you can clearly determine the flavors in the cup. As the quality gets higher, generally you'll find that clarity improves as well.

This cup will be incredibly aromatic and clean. It offers distinct notes of orange blossom, bergamot and mandarin.

If you haven't tried this coffee before then it's your responsibility as a coffee lover to get it into your cup at least once in your lifetime.

Producer  →  The Peterson Family
Farm  →  Hacienda la Esmeralda
Location   Boquete, Panama
Variety → Geisha
1,600 masl